Celebrating National Asset Maintenance day today

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Did you know that today is National Asset Maintenance Day in India. Never heard of it? What if I say that it has been celebrated for ages. It falls on the 9th day after new moon in the Hindu month of Ashvin (or Puratassi in Tamil).

Alright. In layman’s terms its called Ayudha Pooja.

Ayudha Pooja of a Nexus 5
Asset Maintenance day

What has Ayudha Pooja got to do with Asset Maintenance? So here is small story

Today, I was busy overseeing the weekly deployment process of Whenda. My developer returned from his lunch and started asking, ‘Why are vehicles decorated with flowers today?’ I told him today is ‘Ayudha Pooja’ as the 9th day of Dussera is called in South of the Vindhyas. I told him how Dussera gets celebrated in households in south. No Dussera goes without mention of Bommai Kolu/Bombe Habba (in tamil and kannada respectively which generally means festival of dolls). How houses keep rows and rows of colorful clay gods and goddesses and kids went from home to home to not only view the best Kolu in display but also to savour some sundal (chick pea snack) and sweets. After that, I started to explain about Ayudha Pooje and how we restore all the tools/gadgets/appliances at home to sparkle. Then we apply ash and vermilion to them. As the camphor and incense get lit and we wave it at these tools one cant but stop to thank these tools for rendering their good service to us over the years and also pray for their continued service in our conquests.

When man was a forager, the ayudha (or weapon) were spears and arrows that helped him hunt. When he turned a farmer, the ayudha (tools) became sickle and yoke that helped him grow food. After advent of industrial revolution, ayudhas (tools) became carts, cars and carriages. As we stepped into the computer age laptops, workstations and phones started being given the treatment of an ayudha (or tool/implement to get work done).

Even large factories in India adapted the Ayudha pooja to their work culture and machines get cleaned up and decorated with flowers on this day. The workers get puffed rice with khara and sweet boondi to take home on this short work day (which is almost literally a holiday).

At our startup, we discuss about assets all the time. Naturally so, as we are building a next generation asset management software. An Asset is physical (sometimes intangible) tool/gadget/implement that a company uses in its quest to generate income. It is also something that lasts atleast a year. Today being Ayudha Pooja, I couldn’t but feel a parallel between Assets and the Indian term Ayudhas (tools). All the ayudhas (or tools/implements) that help get work done represent assets that your company has bought and put to use. Be it your company’s laptops, rack server, projector, workstations or even software, all of them are your company’s assets or Ayudhas. It’s only prudent to call such a day as National Asset Maintenance Day.

We are a Next Generation Asset Management Platform for India right now in Beti (and not Beta mode). Today we are celebrating National Asset Maintenance day on the occasion of Ayudha Pooja. Celebrate with us and join us on the journey where we create a lot of value for you through asset management.

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