Optimal Asset Utilization

Do you have visibility on your company’s asset usage and maintenance?
Whenda helps you to manage and maintain assets better thus reducing asset maintenance costs.

Better Compliance to Regulations

Is regulatory compliance bothering your Finance team?
With your company’s assets on Whenda, you will be compliant from day one. Next time an external auditor asks asset related questions, you know where to find answer.

Efficient Capex Planning

Does your CFO have visibility on capex spends?
With Whenda your CFO gets detailed reports of your historical capital expense (capex) spend and able to project future spends as well.

Simpler Asset Accounting

Is your Finance team worried about asset accounting?
Whenda’s depreciation modules help you with asset depreciation strategies that suit your company’s need and comply with both Companies Act 2013 and Income Tax Act.

Seamless Collaboration between Teams

Are your IT, Admin & Finance teams collaborating on spreadsheets?
Whenda provides flexible roles & authorizations that makes asset related collaboration among stakeholders, seamless.

Always Available

Do you want to initiate asset actions right where you are?
With Whenda, you can access your asset data in real time from anywhere across the world. All you would need is an internet connection and a browser.

Asset Categories
Tool Integrations


Asset Discovery

Does your company own a lot of assets?
Whenda makes it very easy for you to discover and add assets. It is as easy as using email.

Asset Tagging & Tracking

Whenda helps you uniquely tag each of your fixed asset. Want custom tags with your logo? We have that too. And our mobile app helps you do an internal audit.

Asset Depreciation

Our depreciation module calculates asset depreciation as per Companies & Income Tax Act. For those who want to do more, we have a depreciation modeler too.

Dashboard & Reporting

Whenda generates wide variety of asset reports for various stakeholders in your organization. We are sure to leave your IT, Admin, Finance or CxO delighted.

Asset Reminders

Whenda sends you timely email alerts for asset service due dates. We will make sure you won’t miss your assets’ maintenance schedule.


At Whenda, we take data security seriously. All traffic to our sites are on SSL/TLS 2.0. Your asset data is stored using latest encryption techniques.

About Whenda

We are a young tech company based out of Bengaluru, India that envisions to build world-class, yet affordable enterprise SaaS solutions for Small and Medium Businesses in India and across the world.

We intend to build businesses, the ‘Rework’ way (or Basecamp way). We admire (and copy) Zoho’s way of hiring fresh talent and aspire to be a lean and simple business like Craigslist.

Our product, Whenda is re-plumbing the way fixed asset management has been done. How the name Whenda came about has a nice little story to it. But we fondly have now coined a GNU style acronym for Whenda. It’s Whenda Helps ENterprises Discover(& Deploy) Assets.

The product is in Beti. Contact us to signup.